Single-player RPG that forces you to befriend monsters instead of attack them

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Undertale is an incredibly innovative RPG that lets you control a young child who must battle or befriend a wide variety of monsters.

While major developers continue to dominate the gaming industry, indie titles are more popular than ever. Undertale is an engaging indie game that has been released on a wide variety of platforms, and that includes Apple devices. This game might seem like a traditional RPG on the surface, but you will quickly find out that Undertale has quite a bit of depth.

It might seem easy to dismiss this game because of its aging graphics, but you should give Undertale try if you are a fan of RPGs that break the mold. This game starts with a cinematic trailer that shows you a little bit about the world that your character has fallen into. The premise seems relatively bland initially, and the basic controls can easily be mastered within the first few minutes. That being said, Undertale is quickly going to become much more complicated when you encounter your first enemy.

The feature that sets this game apart from most other RPGs is a unique mechanic that turns enemies into friends. During each battle, you can either attack the monsters that are in front of you or make them your friends. All of the monsters and enemies in the game have demeanor stats, and you can alter the demeanor of each enemy through a variety of actions. That includes petting them, telling jokes, or simply entering into flexing contests. If an enemy becomes happy enough, then you will have the option of turning them into a friend.

Undertale can easily be beaten in just six or seven hours, but fans will definitely want to play through this game multiple times. After you have beaten the campaign, you can try out new tactics on each of the enemies. On some playthroughs, you might want to befriend specific types of monsters or simply destroy every combatant you come across. Whichever tactics you decide to use, this game is sure to provide you with hours of fun.


  • Charming gameworld
  • Engaging storyline
  • Very unique gameplay mechanics


  • Outdated graphics
  • Short campaign
  • Certain puzzles get repetitive

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