PC role-playing game that lets you befriend monsters, date a skeleton and have fun

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A role-playing game for the PC, Undertale takes you into a world where you befriend monsters over fighting them. You can even date a skeleton! Sounds exciting, right? Maybe you'll marry him one day so that you can even call your husband a bonehead, and it'd be factually accurate. The battle system found in Undertale takes a typical approach, but the system does include plenty of secondary options. A big part of the game is making friends with your enemies.

How the Battle Works

During the combat with the monsters, you try to uncover the emotional state of the monster and why they're being so mean. After you learn this, you use it to your advantage to win the fight. Finally, you spare their life and become best friends. Sounds appealing, right? You do get the choice of whether or not you want to spare your enemy, and your decision will have an impact on the story in unpredictable ways. The actual story mode will only last between six to eight hours, but you have a large potential for replaying the game. Will you choose to be a good guy or a butcher? Choose carefully because the game records your choices, and you will be reminded when you start again.

Undertale: A Friendly Game?

The game aligns with Earthbound, and on the surface, it might sound like a friendly game that has a somewhat odd type of humor with cheesy puns and goofy puzzles. When you dig deeper; however, you might actually find scenes to make you shudder or cry. The great thing about the game is how you always have the chance for unexpected endings. The story itself might affect you in emotional ways, and this small role-playing game has mechanics to set you up for great entertainment.

Undertale's Strengths: The Story

A key strength in the game is the writing. You have excellent storytelling, and the ending might strike you in a way you never expected. The writers have a strong understanding of their audience, and they use their understanding to build on surprises around every turn. You're a lone human who falls into a prison meant for monsters. Your journey is laid out for you, and you can be a merciful saint while searching for the surface, or you can kill everything in your path. Keep in mind, the dialogue in your next play through might change to reflect past choice, even if you made a mistake. You cannot hope on a soft reset, so you must tread forth carefully. Everything matters in this game, and your decisions add gravity to the story line. Overall, it's a fantastic game with intense boss battles.


  • Everything you do will affect the storyline
  • The compelling story keeps you playing
  • Tons of potential for playing again
  • A choice to kill monsters or befriend them


  • Needs more things to kill you
  • Only sharks are your real enemy in the game

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